Sanguine Knight

by Sanguine Knight

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This is a "Concept Album" (Jethro Astle, 1886-p) about going through changes and new realizations as we continue to grow and experience life. Even though my experiences might have been slightly different than most, we are all one in this. I believe that not one of us can avoid change, only adjust to it and form our own opinions on what we want to do about it. This album was about my perspective on the matter.


released January 28, 2017

Most of this was recorded in bedrooms and apartments.
Drums Recorded at Flora Belle Studios in Long Beach, Ca (RIP)
All songs and instruments written and played by Michael Williams
Mixed by Kelsey Landazori
Special thanks to Barbara Barrera, Megan Magiera, Josiah Astle, Weston Garr, and Alexandra Hattick.



all rights reserved


Sanguine Knight Long Beach, California

I'm a loner, a rebel. You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me.

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Track Name: I'm The Same
I'm am young, but I am grey
Wish I could choose if I want to stay
Something inside tells me it's okay,
Isn't life another way
that we're wrong, that we're right, that we're insane
Oh I just hope I'm the same
And I'm the same
They've always told me that they know
where we're going and what is so
If it's true please tell me now,
have the dead now talked somehow?
Are they wrong? Are they right? Are they insane?
I just hope I'm the same
And I'm the same
Now I'm by myself, by myself
I'm alone, is there something else?
Now I want an open mind
tryin' to stop myself and find
something to life thats not a lie,
something in life where I don't hide
in the wrong, in the right, a life insane
Oh I just hope I'm the same
And I'm the same
Track Name: A Little Demon
I've been confused, am I abused?
I cannot live, I'll rip in two
I cannot breathe, scared of the new
Everything I've always dreamed will never be
All the ones that I have loved, can't see
Have I been tricked, am I a stick?
If I'm dazed, can I be free?
When I am dead, Will I be me?
All the things I thought I felt were never there
All the times that I did right, and who cares?
Everything I've always dreamed will never be
All the ones that I have loved can't see
Track Name: My Storm Has Set
Sometimes I tend to still think of you
Deep in my heart, I have a spot for you
My love has changed, as our lives will change too
My storm will set, but I found my way with you
I was so sad, but now I'm grateful to you
This world of despair, I hope we both pull through
Turn of the tides make us humbly anew
Our age comes to pass, but we'll know to be true
When I'm by myself, I think of all those times we felt at home
I think that we were trying to live and to love,
and better ourselves all the time
Our friendship is gone, but giving is always undying
Love has it's thorns and maybe my mind will now pay
I'll still press on, fearless and sure anyway
If we want to live, taking a risk is okay
I wish love would last, free from gloom and dismay
When we are old, I hope our lives will work out
I think they will, if we are true to ourselves
and do what it takes to make sure we're good to our friends
And follow our passions and give all our heart 'till the end
Track Name: Tryin' To Love Someone
Mama said, Daddy said:
"Do not trust the world or soul,
'Cause they will try and change you when you sleep."
Am I wrong trying to love someone?
To Try to love someone?
Lie and cheat and steal from you,
the world don't care even when your sad
You'll feel alone trying to love someone,
but I'm trying to love someone
Trying to help someone
Trying to know someone
Oh trying to love someone
There's a place away from here
where people care and wanna be your friend
You'll smile and cry when they tell you to
'Cause they do it too
Do they love someone?
Tryin' to care (for) someone
Tryin' to give (to) someone
Try, try to love someone
Try to love someone, try to love someone
Track Name: The Cloud Cries
I don't know if I'm fine
Don't wanna know I'm on time
Just in case I'm lost in line
Everyday I'll prepare,
for a day I might share
with a girl who scared Just like me
When someone tells me I'm nice,
lends me more of that vice,
Lets me know I'll be just like Christ
I wanna see through my eyes
I wanna say that I'm high,
even if the cloud cries because of me
I'm so tired and drawn to my fire
Now I say goodbye, and now I say goodbye
Track Name: I Left The Castle
All of my life I've been a slave to myself
During my years, I was trapped in hell
Now that I've grown, I'm on my own
But I am alone
Well, I still feel free to decide how to live my own life
I'm pressure free, but I'm still lonely inside
I've left my home made out of stone
to find a new throne so that I can feel free
Learning to live in a way that I never thought of
Changing so fast, can I hold on to love?
No more confined behind the castle door
Still full of hope, what will I use it for?
Track Name: My Eternal Crusade
I've been sitting around, staying down
I gotta do something, to astound
No more hiding away, stone and grey
I think I wanna try, to apply myself
But I don't wanna fail, oh no!
Don't wanna be a fool, oh no!
Wish I wasn't scared, oh no!
Each day passes by, real slow
Should of got myself out there, long ago
Trying to break all my shells, open my arms
Now I can't figure it out, all by myself
Sometimes I wanna say, oh no!
Curl up into a ball, oh no!
Look up into the sun, oh no!
Sometimes I wanna say oh no!
Sometimes I wanna cry oh no!
Sometimes I wanna run oh no!
Sometimes I wanna hide oh no!
Track Name: Haven't Felt Good For So Long
I am glad for what I have in store
No more hoping for more
Never have been here before
I'm off the floor and
I haven't felt good for so long
Haven't felt good for so long
Now I'm ahead, now life will spread
Tell everyone, I am not dumb
Thin as a thread, But won't be misled
Won't be undone, I think I've won
I feel like a big weight Is off my chest,
like life isn't always a test
Don't even feel so depressed
And I must confess that
I haven't felt good for so long
Haven't felt good for so long
'Cause I live now, I don't care now
For all the things my future brings
A brand new age, no more a cage.
Now I feel free, no more high seas.
Track Name: Now I Know Now
I'm on my throne, I have my home
I think that now I have found holy ground
I think that now I know,
I think that now I know
In my own town, there ain't no frowns
I think that I have no fear, I'm a strong musketeer
I think that now I know,
I think that now I know
Now I know now, life ain't so bad,
Now I know now life ain't so bad
Track Name: The Sanguine Knight
I have been lower than ever,
I entered in a bitter endeavor
Tortured and hopeless, I never surrendered,
but did it even mean more?
I felt alone, but I hid my feelings
Turned them to stone, and I went to kneeling
Called to the stars for strength and healing,
but then I opened my eyes and said:
"I will love again. I will love again. I will love again."
Shaky and bare, I looked for armor
I am the heir of glory and martyr
Nothing prevents me pursuing my honor, meaning, and purpose to live
One day I woke, and looked all around me
Shocked and amazed, I tried understanding
Opened my mind, came in for landing
And now I've grown so much and say:
"I will love again. I will love again. I will love again."
And I won't give in
I won't give in
I won't give in (to a life of sadness)